Ruth Lübke Luebke Lubke Art Kunst HfK Bremen Muthesius Kiel GAK Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst Schachteledition pill with unknown content medikamentenkapsel

2018 "What you longed for" @Lange Nacht der Bremer Museen | GAK Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst Bremen
pills with unknown content

2018 Excerpts from photo series "secretly naked" @STATUS | GAK Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst Bremen
Fast self-portraits in strangers homes collected since 2011

2017 "Being Mom" @Offenes Atelier | Galerie Dechanatstraße Bremen
Acryl on Canvas
1,05x1,45m (the space I need for comfy breastfeeding)

2016 "Depth" @designaustria Weiße Kunst | competition 2nd | Torn white paper 30x21x4cm

2015 "Elasticity" constantly growing since 2014 | Basisklasse Muthesius Kiel
  Hair ties picked up in Hamburg, fishing line 1,00x1,80m

2015 two day performance "Waiting is my Hobby" @Einblick-Ausblick | Muthesius Kiel

Wooden bench, cigarettes, chewing gum, film running parallel captured the waiting of yesterday
Collaboration with Johanna Gerken

Sometime after the big bang someone had to invent something edible.The first fruits of the world, however, have it in themselves: they are highly toxic and edible for us humans only with a weight of exactly 301g. They thrive best in raised beds of the approximate size of a human coffin. In this cultivation form, the bitter aftertaste can be reduced to a minimum.


You are lucky - today the time has come.

2015 "Utopions" @Big Bong live | Künstler34 e.V. Kiel-Gaarden | raw clay, wood, spray paint, fog machine 1,80x0,60x0,40m

2016 "grown" @Schnelle Formen - innere Bilder mit Julia Kröpelin | Arfrade Muthesius Kiel
Nautical chart, trash bags, jute | 0,90x0,45m

2016 "no title (Stained glass window replica, excerpt from St. Michaels Parish Church in Linlithgow, UK"
@021/103 | Retirement home St. Nicolai Kiel | Window Color 2,50x1,30m

2015 "Tiny BBQ" Commune Wörthstraße Kiel | Picture cut-out, grill

2015 "Hair" Commune Wörthstraße Kiel | hand-spun and woven human hair 0,28x0,62m

2014 "Sliced tree centered in ply wood" Commune Wörthstraße Kiel 50x50cm

2014 "It's fair to say there is nothing to say" @Basisklasse Muthesius Kiel | Blank sheets in envelopes sent to adresses in phone book